Tuesday, August 23, 2011

a question for my readers

Remember my Nuggle Me Blankies that I listed a while back? Today I got a message on Etsy from the owner of a site called The Nuggle Blanket Company. I was informed that Nuggle Blanket is a trademark (in fact, apperntly the word "Nuggle" is a trademarked) name and that I need to immidiatly discontinue use of the name. So here's my question. I have changed the name for now to sNuggle Me Blankies (and I have the one called The Ultimate sNuggle Me Blanket). Do I need to rename them completely, or does having the lower case s in there make it different enough? Obviously I'll change it if it's really in violation.
My son used the word nuggle starting at 18 months. I've never even heard of this company before! I swear I didn't steal it!

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