Sunday, May 15, 2011

weekly goal

I decided I need to write down goals each week to be sure that i am accomplishing things. Having things written out helps to keep me motivated. I really don't like not reaching my goals. I figure if I post my goals for all of you to read, you can help hold me acountable. So here are my goals for this week:

1. Make a burp rag/onesie combo for a teacher at my husbands school who is having a baby this summer. Her shower is Tuesday.

2. Make 1 tutu

3. Make 1 "Nuggle Me" Blankie (bet you are wondering what that is... you'll just have to wait!)

4. Make 5 bracelets

5. Make 5 rings (these are fabulous, you're going to love them!)

So by this time next week, and actually I'm hoping to be done Friday, all of these need to be finished. If they aren't I give you full permision to make fun of me, and reprimand me. However, if I complete all of my tasks, I fully expect praise! :)

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Katie said...

Yes we did get our headband! Thank you! In this blog: towards the bottom Hayden actually has on the headband (minus the flower) in more of a rambo style appearance.