Sunday, May 22, 2011

wedding delight

My younger sister is getting married this summer. (Actually, both of my sisters are getting married this summer.) And she asked me to make her a hair piece to wear for the wedding. She had looked at buying one but just hadn't found exactly what she wanted. So for the last couple of weeks I have been playing with the flowers and feathers she brought me from the craft store. She wanted something fairly large, lots of flowers, stars, all white, feathers... So here is what I came up with.

 The flowers came in small bunches which I took carefully took apart, and then rearranged. Luckily the flowers were on wire which made them easy to twist and attach. I simply twisted their wires together until I got the shape I wanted, glued some felt to the back, glued the feathers to that, glued more felt on top of that, lined an alligator clip and glued that to the felt as well. Sounds like a lot of gluing huh?

 My sister loves stars and really wanted stars in her hair piece. She couldn't find any actual stars, buts he found these adorable little flowers that resemble stars.
 I placed a few of them spuradically throughout the other flowers.
 I think the feathers add a nice, soft touch.
Hopefully this ends up being exactly what she was hoping for! After he wedding I'll post pictures of it in her hair.

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Danielle said...

It IS exactly what i was looking for!! i Love it!! Thank You!