Monday, May 2, 2011

a project for me

The other day I decided that my house needed some cheer. I have been working on making things for the Spring Fling and trying to get my house all organized at the same time. We're planning a garage sale this summer so boxes of "stuff" are piling up. When I was going through the baby's room I found this beautiful blue vase that my parents gave me full of flowers when my middle son was born. The vase has just been sitting on a shelf because the blue doesn't match anything in the house. So last week I decided to do something with it.

I have a shelf full of kids toys just off the stairs in the basement that needed some dressing up. I don't ever keep fresh flowers in the house because it gets expensive, and we all have wonderful allergies. Not to mention flowers die, and then you have to replace them. So I decided to make some flowers that would be bright and never fade.
I took some felt, traced flowers with a cookie cutter, cut them, glued a pipe cleaner between the 2 sides and glued on a button. Then I added a ribbon to the vase and voila!
The top of my shelf is no longer sad!

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