Friday, April 22, 2011


The last several days I have been able to accomplish quite a bit. Thankfully my children are mostly well behaved. While If the baby naps in the morning the older boys play really well together allowing me to sit down and work in my office. I don't like to go in and shut the door because it makes it hard to hear and keep an eye on them, but I can't just leave the door open or they would be all over the office. The solution? I stick a baby gate in the door so I can hear and see out, and they in turn cannot come in and destroy everything. Not that my office is anywhere near beig clean.
So over the course of the week I have managed to make about 20 new hair clips/barrets, 5 burp rags, and 1 receiving blanket. (sorry, no pictures) I have material cut for 5 more burp rags and 1 more blanket, so hopefully this weekend I'll have time to finish at least some of it. I'm not planning on it with tomorrow being my husbands birthday and Sunday being Easter.
I just hope by the end of these next 2 weeks I will have everything finished and ready for the Spring Fling. I have absolutely no idea what to expect.

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