Monday, March 28, 2011

stocking up

With only a little over a month left until the Spring Fling, I'm working on stocking up on things to sell. Yesterday I made a new set of burp rags, and put the finishing touches on a set I started about a month ago. Since I'm wanting to have a good stash for the craft fair I wont' be adding these items to my shop. After the Spring Fling is over, anything that I don't sell will be added. Hopefully that won't be much! Here are some pictures of the burp rags (we need a new name for these, burp rag sounds yucky, any suggestions?)

Jungle Burp Rags:

Dino Burp Rags:

I have enough material to make at least one more set of dino rags, and then I will also be making some ones to sell individually.

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