Thursday, March 31, 2011

making tutus

The other day an old friend asked me to make some tutus for her (well I kind of put a plug in aobut it). She doesn't have any little girls of her own, but does photography on the side, and is quite good at it. She keeps a set of props for photo shoots and wanted some tutus to add to the stash. I love making tutus so I'm very excited about this. So far I only have 1 finished (that's all the elastic I had on hand) but I think it turned out really well. It's 0-3 month size and perfect for a spring/summer photo shoot. The tulle I used is very glittery which I absolutely love. My basement floor is now covered in glitter, but hey, who doesn't like glitter?

When they are finished they will be listed on etsy as a reserved listing for her. Hopefully she likes them as much as I do!
Hopefully some day I'll have my own little girl to put tutus on!

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