Monday, October 31, 2011


So I know I've been away for a while, but I promise I'm goint to try and get better about blogging. Truth be told, after my last craft fair I got kind of bummed and took a break from all of my crafting. I'm not telling you this for a pitty party. I just want to be real with you. Trying to start your own business when you have 3 kids running around the house isn't easy. It's time consuming and sometimes exhausting. I absolutely love sewing and crocheting and creating new things, but it's easy to get discouraged when success doesn't happen over night (or a year). The last craft fair was a bust. I was stuck back in the corner of a classroom at the end of a hallway where less than half of the people even visited. Truth be told I didn't even make my money back when it comes to what I spent on materials and my booth rental. I'd like to believe that it was just my location and not that people don't like my creations.
Who knows. But I'm back. I'm working on some new items that I hope to share with you soon. I'm going to stock my shop and try not to think about the fact that I have to pay for every item I list. I'm going to blog more and share successes and frustrations with you. I hope to eventually have some tutorials and patterns to share and I would like to do more giveaways and features again (I had fun doing them but it was hard to find people willing to participate who would actually get their info to me). In fact, I think I'm going to do a giveaway myself. Last week was my birthday and I had every intention of doing a giveaway to celebrate and then life happened. Now I just have to decide what I want to give. An accessories package of a couple fabric bracelets, button ring and maybe a headband? Or do I want to give away one of my fabulous new head wraps that I made from a pattern I got over at Maybe Matilda? (Her patterns totally rock!)
Anyhow, stay tuned.

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