Thursday, September 15, 2011

everythings coming up daisies!

I bought this fabric as a remnant a while back and absolutely love it!
It's been sitting in my stash for a while a I decided what I wanted to do with it. It's a super soft  fleece so I knew it needed to be turned into something cuddly. Or maybe some things.
Like I said, it was a remnant, so I didn't have a ton to work with.
The result?

2 taggie blankies that measure approximately 9 1/2" square

 and a larger (still not huge) super soft blanket that measure approximately 19 1/2" x 20".

They will be listed in my shop soon! Hopefully someone finds them as beautiful as I do, and they go to someone who will enjoy snuggling up with them this fall/winter!

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