Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mod Podge it!

Once again things have gotten crazy around here. As summer winds down and school is getting ready to start up I find myself with a million and one projects to do, and very little time to do it in. In the midst of all the craziness I did find time for a little project for myself.
While doing laundry I've been finding change, paper clips and other odd things in the dryer so I wanted some kind of container to keep on top of the dryer to throw it all in. I didn't want to have to spend money so I rummaged through my garage sale box and found a small wooden box.
However, the box is ugly. Not that anyone will ever see it sitting in my luandry room, but I wanted something pretty for me. So I took a stack of old magazines, and a bottle of Mod Podge, and went to work.
I cut out random colorful pictures, and then some words that were fitting for our family, and doing laundry.

First I took all the colorful floral pictures and cut them down to just a bit bigger than the sides of the box. I slathered Mod Podge all of the side, and smoothed the piece of magazine on top, wrapping it around the edges of the box, and to the inside.

I made sure that the pictures overlapped so that there wouldn't be any of the wodden box showing.

After covering the box completely I took the words I had picked out and glued them down randomly over the entire box.

Lastly I covered the entire box with a layer of Mod Podge and allowed it to dry.

It didn't take very long to make, and it makes it unique, and personal. It's nothing speical, but it's mine, and I love it!
*just as a side note, there was more change in there, and it mysteriously vanished.