Monday, July 11, 2011


I feel like I've been away for a really long time! Not away from my home, just away from the blogging world. My last few posts I had written ahead of time because I knew I would be beyond busy. This past Friday week I didn't post anything at all. My apologies. I know you've been anxiously awaiting my return.
My baby sister got married this past week. I was the Matron of Honor so the entire last week of my life was dedicated to ensuring that her day went smoothly. Aside from bustling her dress, fixing our other sister's hair, helping decorate and making sure my boys were ready, I was in charge of the cake. Have I ever mentioned how much I love baking? I do. I love it. And not just because I have a major sweet tooth. My favorite thing to make are cupcakes. Knowing this my sister asked me to make a cupcake tower for her.

 My sister doesn't actually like cake all that much, but she does love pumpkin pie. The top tier of her cake is white almond cake with a pumpkin pie inside. I didn't actually get to eat a piece of this, but from what I hear, it was awesome.
 All of the cupcakes are white almond cake with a vanilla buttercream. I used a new recipe for the buttercream and it was incredible. Light, fluffy and not too sweet. I'll be using that recipe more often!
The flowers weren't exactly what she wanted. She got a call about 3 days before the wedding letting her know that the distributer had sent the wrong ones. At least they were still pink!

So now the wedding is over and I have a little more time to devote to my crafting and blogging. Stay tuned. I've been crocheting :)

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