Friday, June 24, 2011

Feature Friday - some of my favorites {purses}

I didn't have a specific crafter to feature this week :( but I thought I would show you some of the great things I have found on Etsy recently. The category is purses. I've been looking for a new purse because the strap on mine is falling apart so it's kind of needed. However, I don't want to just go to Target and pick up a purse that you see everyone with. I want something a little smaller than my previous purse, but my goal this time is something more unique. Of course I have to make sure I'm not spending too much. Remember, I'm a SAHM and my husband is a teacher so we aren't exactly rolling in the big bucks. I had thought about waiting until we go on vacation and buying one there, but decided I would browse on Etsy first.

These first 2 bags come from a shop called Tippythai.
Water-Resistant Nylon Pumpkin Bag in Chocolate BrownDark Teal Hemp/Cotton Bag - Half Bow
Aren't they both super cute? The price on them is great, the only problem is that they are made in Thailand so the shipping is really high. So sad.

These next 2 come from Ickady Bag.
Green Super Pleated Hemp / Cotton Tote Bag - FREE Flower PinDark Grey Pleated Hemp / Cotton Tote Bag with Big Bow
Again, made in Thailand so the shipping is high.

This next one is made in the US in a shop called By Judianne
Handmade Gathered Fabric  Bag in Amy Butler Lotus Dot Cherry and  Morning Glory
I'm absolutely in love with this purse! The colors are fun, but not so crazy that I wouldn't use it with most outfits. The price on this one is a little higher than the others, but I think if I could sell my husband on it it would be mine! The only downside to online shopping, regardless of where you buy it, is that the shipping always adds an extra cost.

So what's you're favorite purse look like? Are you a down to earth simple is better, or do you like the big enough to fit the kitchen sink into kind of purse?

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