Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I would love to start featuring other crafters on my blog. Being featured would include a post about you, your designs/products, photos and a giveaway if you choose. I'll have you type a short paragraph about yourself that includes how you got started and what inspires you. In some cases I may seek you out and ask your permission to put you on my blog, however, if you would like to be featured you can contact me at sammyjaynes@gmail.com. I will start doing these features on Fridays as soon as I get my first crafter! Feature Friday is what I think I'll call it. This won't cost you anything, (unless you decide to do a giveaway then you are responsible for the product and shipping) it's free advertising for you!
I will do features on a first come first serve basis, so hurry and you could be the first!

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