Sunday, March 20, 2011

hooded towels and wash mits

A few months ago I bought a new shower curtain, rug, trash can and towels for our bathroom. At that time I also bought some towels that I planned to use to make hooded towels for my boys so that they would also match the bathroom. Last night I finally got around to actually making the towels. In about an hour I was able to make 3 hooded towels and 6 matching wash mits.

To make the towels I cut a hand towel in half and sewed it to a regular bath towel and then folded the hand towel in half and sewed along the top edge to make the hood. With the remaining half of the hand towel I cut down the center, folded each piece in half and sewed the sides to make 2 coordinating wash rags for each towel. (If I had been thinking ahead I would have taken pictures as I went to show the steps.)

It was quick and easy and I think they turned out really well. Now the boys each have a new bath towel which is good considering I just got rid of our tiny baby towels leaving poor Dyl with only 1.

So what do you think? Should I add some to my shop and make some for the craft fair in May?

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BlueRose said...

Yes! Those are so cute! I think they'd sell really well. Maybe make some summery beach type ones for the summer.